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About Renee A. Brown

Renee Brown is a true faith-based artist and author. As a 15-year colon cancer survivor, she is dedicated to women's physical and mental health and the awareness of choice when it comes to prescription medication. Renee is the author of "How 600 Angels Saved My Life', which highlights her personal battle with a uterine fibroid diagnosis, a diagnosis that eventually led to an unnecessary, complete hysterectomy, and unnecessary prescription medication which included life-altering side effects. After life threatening side effects, that left her in a dark place she was not certain she would return from. It was during these traumatic times in her life, her experience with God and his glorious Angels, that she was guided and blessed bringing her healing and recovery.


Renee wants women to understand that medicine is not mandatory simply because the doctor recommends it. It is a personal choice, and every woman has alternative options. Her story is one of hope, faith, wisdom, proving that all things are possible when you have an undeniable belief in God.

Renee was born and raised in South Haven Michigan, a beautiful beach town along Lake Michigan. She met and married her husband Garry in Malibu Lake California, where they raised their two children. Renee always had a passion for the arts, which included painting and avidly playing the piano. Through God, Renee turned her artistic passion into purpose through opening successful art studios in both California and Texas. Renee also is a seasoned professional artist who paints angels and animals as she perceives them in Heaven. Her artwork has touched many of all ages, and some of her pieces have been dedicated and gifted to notable figures, including Bishop T.D. Jakes.



As a genuinely passionate artist, and advocate for women's choice for treatment, Renee is looking to solidify her stance in the world by showing everyone that your faith can be stronger than medicinal options. Purpose-driven art, medical treatment awareness, and faith during adversarial times shine through as Renee's life purpose, and she wants to bring you along for the ride. This is a testimonial that relates to her journey.....all you have to do is "just believe".

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